Grandma and Nico ride the Hawaiian Railway

It was a cold Sunday Morning. I had to wear long pants with a long sleeve shirt. Nico was in his shorts and I had to fight with him to wear a long sleeve shirt. “Let’s go on an adventure” I told him. So he stopped fussing and put on his shirt. Off we went heading towards Ewa Beach.

“Would you like to ride the Hawaiian Railway train?” I asked him as he sat moodily in the back of the car. “Yes, but is it just going to be you and me? ” I knew where he was going with that and I also knew that if we brought along a friend for him he would not take in the ride but want to play games on the train with his and his friends gadgets, cards or digital what knots.

“No” just you and I today. Is that OK?” With lower lip sticking out he responded “I guess so.”

So into line we went and would you believe just a mile from our cold house the sun was shining to beat the band. I was happy to see that the train was going to be full. That meant that the Hawaiian Railway, that runs on donations, would be making some money today. For more photos and information you can go here. Hawaiian Railway Society

“This is the train we will ride. It is just like the one we rode on the Halloween ride. Remember that?” He nodded and then added that it all looked different. (You can check out the above link to see how different)

I had him stand in line to get the official railway stamp on our tickets. It was the actual stamp they used when the railway was in operation

This is what the stamp looked like but Nico was not impressed

Then the conductor came along and just like the conductor on the “Polar Express” he asked Nico his name and then he took his puncher and punched an “N” for Nico right on his ticket. I was smiling from ear to ear because Nico and I love to watch that movie. But Nico was not impressed.

Nico is not impressed

He didn’t even look at the Waianae mountain Range as we chugged on by

As we made our way down the coast we came to, I would say a town, but it was the Aulani hotel and the Ihilani resort. And you can see the big “Aloha” they put out for all those who can afford to pay $400.00 a night. To big business Aloha means “give me your money.”

Aulani, Walt Disney version of Hawaii

When the Aulani came into sight, I leaned over and said to Nico,this is the Walt Disney Hotel. Boy did he perk up. He said “that’s the one I see on Disney Channel. Do they have a swimming pool?”

“Yes, if you can afford to pay $400.00 a night.” He thought that would be fine.

Ihilani resort

You can buy or stay a few nights at these golf course condo’s that I believe are part of the Ihilani Hotel

I am sure these bikers were just stopping off for a cool one

Then as we passed the pretend Hawaii we headed into the real Hawaii. This is entering the town of Waianae.

This is the Hawaiian Electric Power Plant that they have stuck down into the area along with a large garbage dump because it is out-of-the-way of the tourist. This is a beautiful coastal area but it is also where most of the Hawaiians live so you can sort of say they get dumped on. At least they put palm trees in front of the plant.

I thought this was kind of funny. These are tourist diving here on the Waianae cost but what is funny is they are swimming in the warm water that streams out of the electric plant. Yes there are lots of fish to see but it is also a place that the sharks like just because of the warm water.

Ah, the natives are friendly, waving as we chug on by. Behind her is what looks to be a large swimming pool. It is the hot, hot water that comes out of the electric plant that has to be fenced in to keep people from boiling themselves.

Moving along the Waianae cost.

Now, I have to ask you. Do you like what looks to be the theme of Joanie Mitchel’s song “They Paved Paradise and put up a parking lot.?” As that is exactly what the hotels have done. Slowly paradise is being shredded. As the Eagles said “Call some place paradise and you can kiss it good-by.”

Or would you like to see paradise as it really looks. Don’t blink because you just may miss it. This was taken as the train turned around in Waianae and headed home.

And I can’t believe it. Just as we are pulling back into the railway yard this big rainbow came into view.

“Do you see the rainbow Nico?” I asked trying to get him to lift his head up now that the Aulani had long passed out of sight.

“Yes” was all he said. Well I’ve shot my wad. If rainbows and trains don’t do it for him then I give up. Next time I will stay home and read a good book.


5 comments on “Grandma and Nico ride the Hawaiian Railway

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  2. Wow! Really looks lovely. How I wish I could visit Hawaii in future and ride the train too. Looks very lovely! Wheew!


    • Thank you for taking a look and it is very nice to see you have also decided to follow. I’m not as regualar at posting as I should be but I will also be checking in with you so I will see you in cyber space.

      By the way. The train ride is fun but there are long stretches of barren plains but the appearance of the ocean makes it all worth it. You will get here someday I am sure.


  3. Kevin Roberts says:

    Hi Karen – Thanks for the train ride! I enjoy getting a view of Hawaii from a local’s eyes. It’s always unique, interesting and beautiful. I’m sure when Nico gets a little older he will look back with fond memories of the ride and being with grandma. Take care and Happy Holidays to you and your family. Aloha.


    Kevin Roberts


    • Thank you Kevin. When I write these post I’m really seeing them through my eyes in many ways. I realized how differently I see things when I last gave some friends a tour. Maybe one day you will make it to the islands and see things at a totally different slant. But I enjoy writing my thoughts and sometimes Nico gets dragged into the mix. And even though I’m thrilled, like my friends, he is seeing them a whole different way. I guess that’s what makes the world go round.


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