Hawaiian Rainbows

It’s winter and the temperatures have dropped. Here in Hawaii, despite what many think, it can get pretty cold. Witness the snow on Mauna Kea.

This time of year also means that the weather is wet and for the ancient Hawaiians it meant work came to a stop and the time of Lono began. If you would like to read about that I posted it in a previous blog on the Rise of Pleiades and Lono

But for me it means rainbows. I am almost guaranteed a rainbow where ever I go. I thought for those who are suffering in a much colder climate, grayer skies, and maybe sloshing through the snow you might enjoy seeing rainbows. Of course, I’m taking chances here, you just may get upset and never look at my blog again. Honestly, I’m not rubbing it in.

Rainbows are so beautiful against such vividly blue overcast skies that when I see them I am always reminded that life can be so beautiful and that something so exquisite is free for everyone to look at and maybe be inspired.

This is the field right up the street from my house and most evenings this is what I see

If I’m walking out my front door I see rainbows over the neighbor’s house

Taking Nico to school there are always rainbows over his classes.

On my way to coffee at Starbucks I’m struck by the red of the awnings and the truck sitting on the wet pavement in front of the Jack in the Box. All are under the arch of the rainbow

Even the evil creators of the Frankenseeds, Monsanto, have a rainbow ending in their fields. I guess you can say, with all the farmers Monsanto has sued for growing their seeds that flew into the poor farmers fields, indeed there is a pot of stolen gold.

And as many of you know I love to picnic in  Waikiki. I always arrive around 5:30 AM. I never know what is going to greet me. Be it a stunning purple and pink sunrise, or a beautiful rainbow.

And I am sure many of you have seen this my favorite rainbow of all. My son was under the umbrella. It had rained all morning and we weren’t sure what kind of picnic it would turn out to be when the rainbow came out followed by a bright, Hawaiian sun. A promise of a wonderful day.


4 comments on “Hawaiian Rainbows

  1. megtraveling says:

    It must have been thrilling to be able to get pictures of all those beautiful rainbows. Great post!


    • Thank you, yes it’s wonderful to walk out your front door and be able to see huge rainbows as you start your day. But I understand that there are some gorgeous ones on the outer islands. Hope to be able to catch one on a trip one day.


  2. I think one winter day you and Ben are going to have to pack up and come and stay with us for some fun in the sun.


  3. Annelies says:

    Great pictures. Overhere lots of rain, but no rainbows. The sky is grey and it’s very cold. So I enjoy to see your blue sky’s and palmtrees!

    Love Annelies.


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