Christmas in Kapolei Hawaii

The flowers are as close to Hawaii as the Christmas trees got

It seems I just posted a blog about Christmas in Waikiki 2010. I got up to get a cup of coffee and sat down and low and behold it is Christmas 2011.

Since I covered Waikiki I thought I would look elsewhere for a Hawaiian Christmas.  I headed out to Kapolei, just west of where I live.

English: Photo of Kapolei City Center taken 11...

Kapolei from Wikipedia

Kapolei is a new town that has popped up to add to the traffic stream in what used to be a quiet, small, and kind of boring part of Oahu. Now it is pock-marked with shopping malls, hardware warehouses that you need a car to get around in and to put the stamp of approval on it all, a Wal-Mart that is a block long, is now being completed.

So I thought I would check out there city hall Christmas lights. Actually I was hoping for something unique only to Hawaii on display but found only a few things.

Well for sure Coconut trees are certainly part of Hawaii

A ukulele and a uli uli ( rattle with feathers used by hula dancers)

A pahu drum ( the real drum is made from the trunk of a coconut tree and the top is covered with shark skin)

Ipu Heke (gourd drum)in the back of the uli uli

And this is what the instruments looked like as part of the Christmas display

Here are a few drawings by the local school kids depicting their view of what a Hawaiian Christmas is like.Now these look more like the blog I wrote about last Christmas on taking a Staycation in Hawaii

In case I don’t get another Christmas blog posted I will end this post with this photo. A very Mele Kalikimaka to all of you until I post again

4 comments on “Christmas in Kapolei Hawaii

  1. All of your side are excellent with great photos, all show your profound and deep love in general and especial for Hawai’i. Mahalo and ALOHA

    Hans (HRH Photography)


  2. That Christmas tree is beautiful, it has a real Happy Christmas look about it 🙂


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