Capoeira in Hawaii

There is no stage fright here

My grandson, Nico, performed with his Capoeira class this weekend. He was getting his first belt. As his class performed he yawned. Yes it was a long morning and I must admit I was yawning too as I did not have enough coffee in me.

Here in Hawaii, there are many, many people from all different walks of life. By and large all of the different nationalities get along much better than I ever experienced living on the mainland. So here I was at a Capoeira class, a martial art that was from Africa by was of Brazil all the way to Hawaii.

My grandson who has the league of nations in him along with Hawaiian was among those learning this art.

Nico finely wakes up and starts to participate

I was there to support him although I wished he was taking  Lua which is a Hawaiian martial art. But Capoeira  is quite thrilling too.

I found it interesting that grass skirts were used in Capoeira

After sitting and watching little children perform while waiting for my grandson to get his belt the adults came on and did some demonstrations. I perked up, came alive and could see what a challenge, workout and skilful art this was.

Wow, and I can’t kick my leg up past my knee

They did these amazing leaps and kicks without once coming in contact with each other

I could do this when I was a kid but not while I was in a fight

Finely it was Nico’s turn to do his leaps and spins. Well not as high for sure but he went right out and did a good job for a beginner.

He even did a hand stand. Well sort of

And at last, wide awake and finished with performing, he got his green belt

Just another day in the Melting Pot called Hawaii.


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