Birds of a Feather But Not So Hawaiian Birds

This is a repeat of a blog that I had written on another site.

Ever since I knocked over my cage full of parakeets with the vacuum I was content to see birds in the wild. As the seed scattering, mass pooping and feather flying birds flew out my front door I thought, fly away you ungrateful birds. And I quickly gathered up all the cages, feed and paraphernalia I needed to maintain them and threw them out. I had such a grin on my face.

But when it came down to it I missed looking at them and I worried their beaks would overgrow and they would not find food to eat. I do love birds but since that day I was content to see them in the wild. I’ve since  maintained that birds are much happier flying from fence to post then from swing to dish.

Now you would think living in Hawaii I would see all kinds of exotic birds. But that does not happen. Most have become extinct due to the mongoose eating their eggs or mosquitoes biting and killing them off. Some birds have moved so far back into the mountains you don’t see them at all.

Then there are the introduced birds who have taken over the indigenous birds habitats and it goes on and on. But when I go holo holo I do manage to get some photos of birds. They are not all locals but they are still enchanting none the less.

Now this little guy is a Cattle Egret. They were Originally  brought to Hawaii to help control Cattle pest. You would have very recently seen them following after the laborers as they dug up the soil to plant pineapples. The pineapple fields have shut down and I’m sorry to say Monsanto has moved in. I hope that the egrets don’t die following the workers digging up Monsanto’s Frankenstein  creations.

 I took this photo as the bird sat on the fence counting the children as they passed by to go to their class rooms.
I posted this photo extra-large so that you can see the two types of birds in this tree. The brown tinged one with the red by its eye is the Common Wax Bill. I believe he is a member of the finch family. For such a little guy he truly is a piggy. If you set out a feeder of seeds he and his co-hearts will take over the feed, not allowing anyone else a turn at it.
In the wild he seems to have better manners and is seen here sharing his bounty with the Java Sparrows. He has the yellow around his eyes and is green tinged. The Java Sparrow originally came from Africa and is quite a shy little guy so you don’t see him around to often. Again I was at my grandson’s school when I saw these birds whacking the seeds off this tree.

Visiting the Waipahu Cultural Plantation I saw this bird. And would you believe it is actually indigenous to these islands and is on the endangered species list. I was so excited to get his photo I almost ended up in the water.
Ample taro fields once worked and planted by the ancient Hawaiians supplied this little fellow with lots of habitat. Due to the loss of these taro fields they have very few places to thrive now days.

He is the only Native heron in Hawaii but he is not endangered and is common around here.
Isn’t this little guy just adorable. Yes he is a special breed of pigeon or he just may be a common one but he so loved my friend. He showed up in my friends yard one day and flew everywhere my friend walked. He even flew out to his truck with him and would sit on his head.
Of course my friend said he wanted to get rid of him because he pooped everywhere in the yard. He told me this in a gruff voice  as he placed food and water high up on a shed where cats could not reach. I said “if you want to get rid of him why are you feeding him?” My friend got all discombobulated and said “well I can’t let him starve.” Next thing I knew the bird was sitting in the house on my friend’s shoulder while he cooked.
And then I found that I did not have to go far to find birds when I found this little guy.
It was spring time and I do believe he was trying to learn to fly and landed on my roses to catch his breath. I saw him when I walked out of the house. He is a baby mynah and they are as common as a cold. His mother, I think, was the one that would bombard my Zoe when ever she came outside to walk with me. The mother myna would fly out of the tree and swoop down on poor Zoe as she walked along. She never knew why as she was not even looking for birds. I think the mother myna must have know that Zoe was a Brittany Spaniel and they are bird dogs.
All kinds of birds have come into my life since that day the cage fell over but there will never be another bird like my Zoe. Rest in peace my little Bird dog.

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