La Mariana A Time Capsul of Old Waikiki

Just for the fun of it

 La Mariana Restaurant and Bar is a step back in time. So if you would like to shave a few years off your age and go back to the 40’s and 50’s here is the place to do it.

I’m a creature of my environment. I love British Television because I like the cinematography that just grabs me by the collar and puts me right into the scenery.

I like to be surrounded by all of my things so that I can look at them and think about all the good things in my life.

Most of all I like to envelop myself in reds, peach and orange colors. So going to this restaurant and bar just makes me happy.

This is the La Marianna. If you look closely (double-click on the photo to enlarge it)at the lights just above the patrons head you will see that they are actually blow fish that have been made into lanterns.

The restaurant, for those who live here, is down Sand Island road and off to the right. You have to look carefully as the sign sits on a fence and is not that big.

As you sit and have dinner you are entertained by a nice soft back ground of piano music. It doesn’t sound so loud that you can’t have a conversation but wafts pleasantly throughout the room.

Like I said the atmosphere is what I’m here for and the fact that all of the artifacts that you see here were collected from famous places that closed here on the islands throughout the years. This is the last of old Hawaii and truly is a destination not to be missed. The food is so so but is made better just by being in the middle of all this Hawaiian history.

A close up of a shell lantern and you can see the blow fish light in the background.

If you happen to sit by certain open windows this would be your view at night. But watch it if you sit at the bar a little to long. It’s just as hard to drink and swim as it is to drink and drive.

If your visiting the island and would like to know how to get there here is the map

One comment on “La Mariana A Time Capsul of Old Waikiki

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