Out Of The Museum And Into The Light

As we leave the Plantation Museum I’m walking quickly to catch up. I’m excited, were on our way to the houses. As we walk down the ramp our guide points out all of the flags flying in front. Each represents a nation who had citizens immigrate to the islands to work on the sugar plantation. Seeing them flapping in the breeze representing all who had come made it tangible. I’d only thought of the Japanese and the Filipino as plantation workers before. Now I realized the extent to which the Sugar Planters had reached out and subjugated people with hopes and dreams, to a life of harsh and oftentimes inhumane conditions.
Flags From China, Portugal, Japan, Korea, Philippines and  Hawaii Amongst Others
I could see the homes just past the flags.  I started to head in that direction when I noticed that the guide was going in the opposite direction. He was now talking about the Bodhi Tree which was a direct descendent  of the tree that Buddha had sat under.
Bodhi Tree
As he went on about the garden I once again began to take photos as  I was very familiar with the plants that he was telling everyone about. I noticed all of the tangerines filling out one of the trees. Snap, another photo.
Then I noticed a huge Mango tree and it was packed with blossoms unlike I had ever seen in Hawaii. I thought maybe they had fed it something special. When I asked him about it he apathetically answered that the tree just gave fruit like that every year. He continued on about something to which at this time I was not listening to as I was so mesmerized by the Mango tree.
Mango in Bloom
Again the clock was ticking. I was beginning to think we would not be going to look at the houses. Now it was an hour into the tour. As I turned from the mango tree to walk over to the guide, he was now explaining about some Korean totem poles that were called Jang seungs that were objects of Korean natural religions.
 So now I had heard about the Japanese religion, and now the Korean religion. The thought ran through my mind that maybe they don’t go to the plantation houses but just have them there for you to ponder and contemplate.
I had just over an hour left before I had to leave and I was not sure when we would head over to the other side.
Jang Seun Or Devil Post Served As Border Markers For Private Land Or Village Guardians To Ward Off Evil
Hawaiian sugar Cane. Though Sweet It Caused Much Sorrow
At last our guide said to us that we would now enter a time tunnel that would take us into the past. He marched towards a galvanized tunnel that went under the entrance road and we finely came out on the other side and I still had a little over an hour left.
To be continued: Part three, Wait I want to take a photo!

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  1. ÇAĞATAY says:

    I enjoyed the thread and pictures. Thank you.


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