Children’s stories & Tales From the Forest

Nico got bit by an insect while he slept. So with swollen eye and a fat finger as well, he stayed home from school.

After a lunch and tea and fresh made scones I told him he needed to rest his eye or it would not stop hurting. He was quite upset about that because he felt the more TV he watched the less the eye would hurt.

So I stuffed him into my bed and began to read the Stories from his big, heavy collection of Thomas Train. After reading for a half hour about the twin engines he lay there with one eye wide awake and the other just barely peeping at me.

Off to my trusty computer and ITunes. I found a wonderful site that had free children’s stories. I told him to just shut his eyes to give them a rest and listen to the story. He was out within 10 minutes.

It’s a very nice site and so I thought I would share it with those who might want to play it for the wee ones around the house. Children’s stories & Tales From the Forest.


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