Pray for Mangos or How to bake a great Mango Bread

Madeline Awong’s Mango Bread Recipe

Whistling from the kitchen a tuneless song, my mother in law would happily cook and bake. I remember the Portuguese soup with lots of kale, baking with large chunks of fruit inside her upside down pineapple cake and brown mango bread with large pieces of orange mango to contrast.

In her memory I would like to share this recipe for Mango Bread. I believe the secret to its greatness was the fact that she never diced the mangoes but crushed them so that with each bite you would get a wonderful taste of the fruit.

Mango Bread

2 C flour sifted

1 tsp baking soda

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1 1/4 cup sugar

Mix and form a well in center


3 well beaten eggs

3/4 Cup oil

2 Cup Mangos mashed

1 tsp vanilla

Nuts and raisins are optional

Mix and pour into greased pan and Bake at 325 for 1 hour

3 comments on “Pray for Mangos or How to bake a great Mango Bread

  1. Ilene Lartitegui says:

    Great recipe! I I live in Florida and have an abundance of mangos. I have tried many different recipes and your is the best! Since the mangos are so sweet I am only using 1 cup of sugar.
    Thanks again for the great recipe.


    • I’m happy you enjoyed it. I loved her mango bread. I sure wished we were having a big crop of Mangoes. Unfortunately it seems that as immigrants move to the islands they cut down their Mango trees. Now it is very hard to get mangoes unless you know someone with a tree. It used to be there were so many mangoes you could walk along by peoples houses and they would leave bags of them on their walls for anyone to take. Alas it is no more. 😦

      Thank you for your comment


    • gail says:

      I love this mango bread; very moist and delicious. I too used only 1 cup of sugar because I added raisins and the mangos were sweet . This is a perfect mango bread recipe. Thank you.


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