New Year Fire Works in Hawaii

This is how New Years Starts

Last year, January 1, 2010 the windshield of my son in laws car was blown up. As I swept up the fireworks that morning I picked up a large round orb the size of a tennis ball on steroids off the ground. It weighed about 4 pounds.

Tossing  the thing into the garbage can I went back to sweeping around my son in laws car. Then he came out and panicked. “What the hell happened to my car?” he yelled as he grabbed his hair and pulled on it.

It was then when I looked at his windshield that I noticed a round indention. Quickly I pulled the orb out of the garbage can and showed it to him. It fit the indention on the windshield.

My son in law informed me that what I had so nonchalantly tossed into the garbage was an unexploded aerial bomb from the night before. These are the ones that you see brake out into all sorts of explosions in the air at fireworks displays.

That pretty much sums up what our New Years Eve is like every year in Hawaii. People are not happy with blowing up packs of a thousand firecrackers or all of the less harmless explosives that are permissible.

If you have any type of breathing issues you have to lock yourself into the house and hopefully have air conditioning so that you don’t have to breath in all the smoke.

So this is about 9 PM
Just before Midnight
At last the law has finely passed banning illeagal fire works and just about all of the legal ones too. Now I ask you. If the people who are blowing up illeagal fireworks when it is legal to burn small firecrackers sparklers etc? What will stop them from setting them off just because it is now illeagal to burn just about all fireworks?
The airial bombs going off this year lit up my bedroom window, set off car alarms and shook the whole house. I had a private fireworks display right from my bed the airials were so close. If the police can’t control it at this point how will they do it next year? And why do smaller fireworks have to be banned?
Somehow the illegal bombs have to be stopped. Neighbors who see who the culprits are have to report them. That is the only way houses will be safe from burning down, or injuries and damage to property  stop.
On our street the houses are so close together you can see what your neighbors are eating for dinner without even going over. Someone has to be able to see the people who are trying to terrorize the neighborhood.
The exciting tradition of setting off fireworks on New Years Eve has been ruined. And as usual it only takes a few to ruin it for the many. And I believe that unfortunately, the lawbreakers are the only ones who will be lighting up the New Year from now on.

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