Christmas at the Moana Surfrider Hotel in Waikiki

December in Waikiki

The rain is shining  the leaves with small crystal drops. The temperiture is probably down in the low 60’s and I’m sitting in my yard with my sweat jacket and shorts on. Ka Mea is wrapped in a blanket and Max has his fur to keep him warm. After all he is a sheep dog and Quite comfortable in this cooler climate.

It was uncomfortably warm last week when I went to Waikiki to take these photos. More of a typical winter day. So I continue on with Christmas in Paradise and how some of the hotels put on their displays or lack there of.

The Moana Hotel

The Moana Surfrider and the Royal Hawaiian are really the only two hotels that have any beauty to them from the outside. They are the oldest hotels in Waikiki also and were built before the cement jungle set in.

This tree is in the main lobby right as you walk in. It did not seem to have a Hawaiian theme to it. I went in surch of more Holiday decorations but only found a Palm tree.

This was their Hawaiian theme. A palm tree Christmas tree.

As I searched around for more Christmas decorations this is what I saw. A closet where they hang the leis to greet the guest. Hopefully they are from the islands but most of the orchids now used in leis come from Thailand . ( The flowers are to expensive here. But somehow that just does not seem right to me. Plumeria leis which have a wonderful scent to them grow so easily here and really seem more Hawaiian would make a nice alternative and support the local growers. Why do they use orchids?

But then I guess orchids are synonymous with Hawaii too. But none of it is Hawaiian anyway. You might want to try a Maile lei or for your head put on a Haku. Now those are Hawaiian. Maile Lei or Haku Head Bands

And once again I find the obligatory Hawaiian real or fake artifacts on display in the Moana’s lobby. I tried to find the information on what they had here but I must have missed it. From appearances it looks like a gourd, an Umeke and a piece of Kapa. If you want to know all about these items you should try to take a trip to the Bishop Museum where they have many on display and tell you all about their uses and how they were made. An Umeke is a bowl that is made of wood and Kapa is the cloth that the Hawaiians made from the bark of trees. Gourds were more commonly used by the everyday Hawaiian for carrying things in or maybe for bowls for food or to eat out of. The umeke would more likely be used by the upper class or Alii.


If you are fortunate enough to be able to stay at the Moana this is a fine way to spend a winters day thinking about all your pals back home fighting the elements as you dream away in the 80 degree weather.

As we leave the Moana Hotel I head down Kalakaua Ave. This is the main drag in Waikiki and is more what Waikiki looks like. No ocean view, all the Palms and beaches have  been dug up to put in imported trees and brick sidewalks to try to fancy up the place and detract from all the cement buildings  that surround you. However their still is the nice weather.

My next post will be at the Princess Kaiulani where they put up a huge display of gingerbread. I think it is time I get back to posting about the museum. Very little Christmas there but lots of the real thing as far as Hawaii goes.



4 comments on “Christmas at the Moana Surfrider Hotel in Waikiki

  1. Linda Beauregard-Axelson says:

    We got our meager tree up and the puppies and kittens are enjoying it. Not decorating much more of the house this year. Just too much for me. Had #3 of dose dense chemo last Thursday, so would love some company along about Weds if you can spare some time for some nice tea and chatting. I’ve gone through some of your books and would love to return them to you.


  2. Annelies: Everyone wants a white Christmas here in the islands. Unlike in Holland people go way overboard and then by the end of the season they are all depressed because they have gone to far in spending. I actually like the way you guys celebrate much more. Do you have a tree in the house? I know nobody did the last time I was there.

    Linda: I love to sit out at the Moana. I love the Victorian feel of the place. I’m not impressed with the way they serve what they call a British tea but I just like the atmosphere. Don’t forget to contact me I will be waiting. I don’t have to watch Nico for two weeks so if you need help, give me a call.


  3. Linda Beauregard-Axelson says:

    We had a lovely sunset dinner at the Moana Surfrider not too long ago. Well worth the trip in, and we had a kama’aina discount coupon. Just a nice way to get away from the hubbub of the stores and traffic. We do love hidden spots that are tucked away all over the place in Waikiki.


  4. Annelies says:

    Hi Karen!
    I love your hotel story’s! I’m surprised to see how many snow is used to decorate the tree! We dont need that at the moment, lots of snow overhere, the trains and the traffic is a mess! So all our trees are covered in snow, except the ones inside.
    How is your puppy doing? Are you getting any sleep yet?
    Love Annelies.


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