Christmas at the Outrigger Hotel in Hawaii

Hibiscus Christmas Tree

This hotel was a little more festive then the Royal Hawaiian. I loved all of the hisbiscus that decorated the tree.  Exactly which Outrigger I was at, I am not sure. I identify it as the Outrigger where I can sit and have breakfast and look out to the ocean as the photograph in my last post showed.

An Outrigger Canoe at the Outrigger Hotel

Here an Outrigger canoe is incorporated into the Christmas display. It seems fitting. The hotel industry likes to put out “Hawaiian” displays to give you that “Your in Hawaii” feeling. Just like the Christmas trees trying to give you that “Christmas” feeling.

Neither work in my estimation but they are nice to look at. When ever I can I try to encourage people to leave Waikiki. It was once the playground of the Alii (Kings and Queens) but thanks to the corporate world they have destroyed the wave action in that area and have had to bring in sand to replace beaches that are washing away and are trying their best to landscape between all of the cement jungle to try and bring back some semblance of Hawaii to greed gone haywire.

Again, I think of the Eagles song, where they say “call someplace Paradise and you can kiss it good-by.

Herb Kane Painting Of Hawaiians coming to the islands

If you double click on the above photo you will get a better view of the painting. Many people don’t realize that due to excellent navigation skills the Kanaka Maoli (The People) as the Hawaiians called themselves, purposely set out for the islands. They were not blown off course nor did they just happen upon the islands one day when they were out fishing.

Of course there isn’t anything to indicate this in the hotel.  People will just look at the canoe and maybe will connect it to canoe races or beach boys. But as is shown in the painting the Hawaiians came great distances with every thing they needed inside those great canoes.

Landing on pristines shores, devising a land system where all were dependent on one another and there was no such thing as greed. If an alii were to be harsh to his people and demand to much of them they had the right to move on to another area and under another cheif. This would bring disgrace upon the demanding one so it happened very seldom and all lived quite well.

That is until the forigners landed. So here we are in a cement jungle with a few Hawaiian artifacts thrown in, real or not. Too bad we can’t kick out the ruling chiefs of today.

Well anyway if you do decide to stay in Waikiki do rent a car and drive out to the windward side. Take in the real green. The Koolau‘s. I will cover that on another day.



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