Christmas in Hawaii at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel

When I first arrived in Hawaii in 1965 you could see the Royal Hawaiian Hotel from Kalakaua Ave. Kalakaua is the main street in Waikiki. You could walk behind the hotel at night sit on the sand as the ocean lapped the shore and listen to Hawaiian music coming from their lanai area.

Now when you walk along Kalakaua you would be hard pressed to see this beauty hidden amongst modern cement building, galleries, and street hawkers. As for the ocean, it’s there but it is hidden behind all building lined streets.


If you are so inclined though, take the time to go through the Royal Hawaiian Shopping center and you will see the hotel sitting on well manicured lawns surrounded by palms and plants.

Inside the hotel also known as the “Pink Palace.” You can see why

Detail of the “Pink” ceiling

The decorations were modest by some hotel standards. This was one of two trees in the main lobby

Christmas floral arrangement

Amelia Earhart on board the Lurline

There was an exhibit of photographs of Amelia Earhart found by Matson Navigation. They showed Amelia on board the Lurline and at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Matson had built the Royal Hawaiian so that the people who cruised on their ships would also have a luxurious place to stay when the arrived in Hawaii.

Amelia with Duke Kahanamoku (who won a gold medal for the 100- yard freestyle in 1912 at Stockholm)This painting by Eugene Savage served as model for the Matson lines Menu covers


Another painting used for menu covers

Though the tour through the hotel was not full of Christmas it did offer a lot of history, architecture and ambiance. There is much to look at and do if you want to listen to music, take in a Tea, or just enjoy the architecture.

If you would like to see some more of the Matson menu covers here is a site you might want to check out.

Matson Menu covers








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