Taking A Staycation In Hawaii

Christmas in Hawaii

I’m boycotting air travel.  It’s my little way (very little) of saying I won’t support the airlines as long as the lowly citizen and diplomats are forced to go through airport scanners but not our “servant’s” in Washington. Of course I live on an island and that means if I don’t hop a plane I have no alternative transportation other then a luxury liner and that’s not an option for me.

Having gone into Waikiki this morning, where there is no such thing as free parking. I was upset that I would have to pay $5.00 to park my car. It bothers me that all of the beautiful beaches down there and nice restaurants and entertainment are very accessable to the tourist but local people have to pay to go to the beaches by way of parking meters and lots.

So to keep myself on a happy note I told myself to think of my morning venture as a staycation. People pay thousands to come to Hawaii so what is $5.00 in the scheme of things. I brightened right up and it was all uphill from there.

So to borrow a few lines from the Master Card commercial this is how much my staycation cost me.

Getting off the freeway and into a parking garage: $5.00


Breakfast with a view $13.00 including tip


Watching Santa arrive by canoe? Priceless

Yes, my original reason for the trip was to get photos of the Grand Old Man as he was paddled in by canoe to meet and greet all the children on the beach.

Dressed in traditional Hawaiian Palaka print.

For years I have watched on the TV as Santa arrived in this manner. I’d get upset as I always missed it. This year I marked it on the calendar and told my grandson I would take him. Of course my grandson did not want to get up at 6AM to see all this so I went with a friend who lives in Waikiki. I think I was just as excited to see Santa as all the tourist and their kids.

The little hula girls practice while waiting for Santa’s arrival

Into one’s life a little sun must shine, and it did, right into my camera

These little dancers were thrilled to be personally greeted by Santa. All the practice and preparation was worth it.  And for me, what can I say? I had a wonderful morning for under $20.00 Cash! Not having to use Master Card? Priceless.



2 comments on “Taking A Staycation In Hawaii

  1. You know I thought the same thing. Yeah why not a canoe. I wouldn’t have to pack a thing because by the time I arrived in SFO I’d have lost at least 50 pounds from barfing and I could buy a whole new wardrobe.

    Hmmm, thanks for the suggestion I’ll think about it. I’m to fat anyway


  2. Don says:

    You could use a canoe to leave the island. Why not come to San Francisco and we can show you all of your old haunts. Let’s see that should take 6 months to arrive, if you do not experience rough seas?


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