Red Sky At Morning

Morning Walk in Kunia, originally uploaded by maxandcats.

The rain has been watering the plants, clearing the air and cooling the atmosphere since last night.

While watching Babara Walters the flood warnings kept interrupting as Barbara asked Oprah some tear jerking question.

“Yeah, yeah” I yelled as the interview was silenced by loud attention getting honks from the TV and slowly a warning crawled across the screen telling us that Kauai was flooding. “I live on Oahu” I screamed, I want to hear what Oprah just said!

Yes, that sounds callous I know but can’t they just put it on the screen without interrupting the sound? Maybe flash, Warning for (your islands name) and then the information.

But I digress, Yes it is raining this morning and I’m so enjoying the cool and clean look as I watch the drops form off of my fern sitting out on my patio.

I’m coughing my morning away when I should be at the museum. But I know coughing and blowing my nose while trying to give a tour to young children just won’t go over very well.

So while I’m on rainy day session at home I look through my photos and I come across this one I took while walking Max. “Red Sky At Morning Sailors Take Warning.”

Yes a beautiful red sky an instant message and that’s all I need to know about the weather. No bull horns or interruptions.Isn’t nature wonderful.


2 comments on “Red Sky At Morning

  1. writesprite says:

    Love this! And, yes, Nature is wonderful! We just don’t realize how many times we actually do “read” it. 🙂 The sky is a soft yellow this morning with the baby blue peeking through, awaiting the return of the Trades!


    • Don’t you just love the early morning sky? I’ve got to get out more before the sun comes up. Watching that sky forecast the day is quite an event. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


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