Hawaii Country Club

I’ve been living in this area now for at least 7 years. As I make my way to the egg farm or the North Shore I always like to take in the view. Farms, mountain ranges and the distant ocean contrast the usual traffic jams, miles of freeway and buildings disfiguring the skyline.

As I near the the crest of Kunia Road on my right is the Hawaii Country Club. I often wonder what the view would be but as always I don’t take the time to stop and look. Today I did.

This is the view from the Hawaii Country Club Golf Course. Not as dramatic as the Oahu Country club.  But what a wonderful way to start your morning round of golf and such a view.

Full view of Diamond Head in the early morning. I need to bring a cup of coffee with me next time and watch the sun rise.


Though it has a wonderful view some of the comments on the course are not that good. But the consensus is if you want a good deal on a fee then this is the course. The slope of the course is also a challenge that some like.

Here is a site to check out on the particulars of fees, size and comments. http://www.golflink.com/golf-courses/course.aspx?course=263745


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