Golfing in Hawaii

This is a past post that a few of you will have read already. But those who are new to this blog will enjoy it if you like to look at breathtaking golf courses. I enjoy this view once a year and it never ceases to leave me breathless.

As a volunteer for a local hospital, I make dolls for sick and abused children. Once a year the hospital gives a reception for all it’s volunteers at the Oahu Country Club Golf Course.

I remember the first time I attended this event. First of all this golf course is  in Nuuanu Valley surrounded by mountains. (Like duh, it has to be or it wouldn’t be a valley) It usually has clouds hanging over the cliffs and it rains, a lot. This area is quite beautiful in and of itself but I was in no way prepared for the site as I drove into the Country Club.

I was speechless and then I cussed at myself because I had no camera. Then I was mad, not because I had no camera but because a place with such beauty was set aside for the wealthy. I thought of all the land that the Hawaiians had lost and how it seemed that the foreigners had set aside the best, such as this valley, for themselves.

I didn’t attend last years luncheon but I did this year and brought my camera with me. As I walked around taking photos I kept looking over my shoulder thinking someone would come and take it away. (My camera, not my shoulder)

Once inside and enjoying conversation with interesting people I let myself relax. I used to hike many of the mountains here on Oahu. Believe me there are some breathtaking trails here still to be hiked. I had to admit to myself that the beauty of this golf course was the greens leading into the mountains.

There was a lot of work and money put into this site and probably without that landscaping it would be much like the trails I’ve hiked. It is this landscape that makes it what it is. So I enjoyed my lunch and just took in the view.

Then I thought, so what if the green fees are high and there is a membership fee as big as a mortgage, I’m sitting here enjoying a wonderful meal, good conversation and the glorious site of this valley. For Free! And besides, I don’t golf. So let me eat cake!

2 comments on “Golfing in Hawaii

  1. I recently started playing golf and I appreciate being at beautiful golf courses away from the mundane tasks of being a mom. That said, I struggle with similar feelings about Hawaii. I now live in a suburb on the mainland, but I grew up in Hawaii. The golf courses and beach resorts, Ihilani, in particular, raise some real equity issues for me. I grew up middle class in Aiea enjoying the beaches in Hawaii. My classmates, my community, growing up, were from diverse social economic and ethnic backgrounds. It frustrates me when the resorts take up the beach front, and the golf courses take up so much acreage of beautiful land, that a relative few with money can enjoy. In the case of the resorts, most of the people who enjoy the beaches are not local. Ihilani drives me crazy! There is “public” access to the beaches, but the parking is ridiculous! There’s that prime parking lot with access to one of the lagoons, that is chained except for a precious few (less then 10 spots). Locals are clearly not welcomed there, yet they claim there is “public access.” Ugh. The foreigners come in and make a ton a money providing beautiful destinations for other foreigners with money, and the middle class locals are left either playing golf at public courses and having to call at 6:00 am to get in cue for a tee time, or parking in inconvenient parking lots with little access to some beaches. There are many beaches in Hawaii that are accesible to all, but those around the big resorts are hard to get to. Ok, enough complaining. There is so much beauty in Hawaii, including the gorgeous photos you took at OCC. I am grateful to have grown in such a beautiful place and like you, take those moments of beauty and appreciate when I can.


    • Thank you for your comments. You said it beautifully. Yes the Ihilani is the worst. Locals did try to fight it but were promised access to the beaches. Yeah, right. If your not there at the crack of dawn forget getting a parking space. It doesn’t seem possible but yes, they are still raping the islands


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