Help Bishop Museum

Please click on this site to help Bishop Museum to win. I am a docent at this museum and it would be wonderful if they could win this contest. There is so much that is needed to be done and it takes a lot of money.

The museum has restored the Hawaiian Hall with donations as they are a non-profit. But more then that they brought the hall back to the Hawaiian people. All three floors from Kai Akea (the expanse of the Ocean) on the first floor to the second floor Wao Kanaka (The realm of the Hawaiian ) to the third floor which is Wao Lani (the heavenly realm) which displays all of the feather cloaks, artifacts and documents of the overthrow of the monarchy.

It will cost you nothing to take the time to go to this site and help the museum to win. There is so much more that needs to be restored and every bit helps.

Click on photo for larger view

2 comments on “Help Bishop Museum

  1. writesprite says:

    To reopen the Maritime Museum would be wonderful. If Bishop can reopen it, we can advertise it until the cows fish come home! 🙂


    • Unfortunately I have not heard anything about keeping it open. It did not bring in much income and I think the high cost of parking there did not help. It is to bad that it had to close though because it was a nice little museum.


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