In Hawaii It Rains Orchids



It’s winter and it’s a jungle out there

Winter has hit Hawaii. So this is a weather advisory as you walk the streets. If your going to wear shorts and a tee shirt, make sure to bring an umbrella. There’s lots of wet leaves dripping along the avenue.

Make sure to look down for puddles or you may miss some colorful flowers floating along

Don’t hold your umbrella to far over your head or you may miss the rain of orchids

Don’t step into the street or you may end up with a bunch of flowers stuck in your slippers.

This is the Orchid flower from the Orchid tree

Yes, it’s winter and yes we still walk in the rain with our shorts and tee shirts. This time of year holds it’s own beauty and you have to take it all in. It’s hard to walk safely sometimes because there is so much beauty around. My eyes are gazing up when I walk in the evening watching the sky change to so many fabulous color. I’ve sometimes forget I’m walking Max until he gives me a heavy tug and knocks me off balance.

These Orchid trees that carpet the streets and sidewalk make it hard to look up. How can you take it all in. And that my friend is why you never leave home without your camera.

If you want to read more about the orchid tree you can go here

And this is a nice little site if you would like to take a trip to the Big Island.This site will tell you all about the Orchid Tree Bed and Breakfast.

So if you guys get tired of collecting cats and dogs during your rainy season you might want to try visiting and gathering orchids while you may.




One comment on “In Hawaii It Rains Orchids

  1. CAGATAY says:

    Your thats very nice foliage. Impressed.


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