Hawaii And Their Football

I moved from San Francisco to Hawaii in the 1960’s. In my early 20’s I was in heaven when I could walk outside barefooted and feel the ground under my feet that was as warm as a rug. When I walked on the beach at night I could not believe that the water still felt as warm as a tub. And it totally shocked me when having a late evening dinner at Fishermen’s wharf I could look out the window and see men unloading their catch in shorts and a raincoat as drops poured down out of the sky.

Fishermen’s Wharf In Honolulu at Sunset

Coming from a culture where children were to be seen but not heard I found it quite comforting to be among people who valued children as a part of their everyday life in every way.

These are two of my grandchildren that attend a Hawaiian Immersion program. Part of the Hawaiian Culture is to honor your grandparents. In Hawaii children are a part of anything that goes on in the house and just about every occasion. In the immersion school they are being taught the part of Hawaiian culture that they also have to honor the wisdom of their elders .

There was a part of the Hawaiian tradition that I just could not understand coming from the land of Professional football teams like the 49ers and the LA Rams. (that’s how long ago it was) The Hawaiian people love to watch their kids play football.

Any given weekend during the high school football season you will see families en masse, babies in strollers, young toddlers in tow and back packs of food slung on shoulders climbing the stadium stairs.

Before I had my family I thought this was crazy. Yes people attended high school football games on the mainland but it wasn’t an event. You just did it because you had a kid playing on the team. The games were never scheduled at prime time when families would be able to attend and never, ever were they broadcast on the TV like they do here.

Now my grandsons play football and as a good grandmother I dutifully attend the games of both my grandsons. Also as a grandmother not being very computer literate I’ve managed to not copy my older grandsons games that I photographed on to the flash drive but just copy the photo programs instead. I don’t know how many photos I’ve lost but I lost tons of my older grandsons games.

My son deems me to be the official photographer at the games. That leaves him free to do what he does best while watching his sons play. Well actually this photo was taken while waiting for the game to start. We always have to get there before the team 😦

I swear this phone is sewn to his hand as I’ve never seen him without it to his ear.

Let me say this hear and now. I hate football. It is with a sense of duty that I go. But I love photography so I thought I would share a couple of the stadiums with you. Having sat in fog and rain in San Francisco during high school football, it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful the views are. So when my Son isn’t watching me to make sure I’m photographing his son I take photos of the surroundings. The sun was going down and the shadows were getting longer. The game was just getting started and I was anxious to see what the mountains would look like as the sky began to color. This is the Waianae Mountain Range on the west side of the island of Oahu

The Sun beginning to set. There were more people sitting on our side and I think it was just for that reason. It is hot like a bear when you sit and watch these games.

Of course the stadium was the other way but I could not pass up this sunset that was going on as we sat there watching the kids run back and forth.

Then there were the palm trees and ocean in the far background at this game on the east side of the Island.The Koolau mountain range in the background of Aiea High School game

I still don’t know a running back from a kicker but I still go to the games. It is the gathering of all the families, the sharing of food, and the love that is shown for the kids that makes it a great way to spend the evening. And of course sitting and watching those beautiful sunsets amongst your loved ones makes football a very enjoyable game.




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