Just Another Day In Paradise

I’ve been transferring blogs from my blogspot account so this may be familiar to a few of you. But for those of you who have not been to that account I’m sure you will enjoy the trip to the North Shore via some photos.

I took a ride out to the North Shore the other morning with Nico. Checking out another shave Ice stand for my “Holo Holo” blog. It was out in the middle of nowhere and right across the street from the beach area called Sharks Cove.  Nico nocked his shave ice over again. That’s the second time this week he’s done that. I think he is getting tired of testing shave ice stands with me.

I had their Grilled Ahi with Teriyaki Sauce and Pico de Gallo over it. Delicious. We took the food over to the other side of the road to watch the waves.

This is what you see from the shave ice stand
As I sat on a large rock and Nico walked around taking his own set of photos I enjoyed my food. Nico was too busy picking up plants, rocks and the run of the mill treasures on the ground. He was to intrigued to eat.
I started snapping photos from where I sat and could not stop. The beauty of the ocean was like popcorn. Once you take a photo you just can’t stop.
It’s just water but throw in a little foam and it becomes mesmerizing
From blue to blue
As I look at the ocean I ask myself, Why do I find it so hard to do this? I must leave the house more often
The waves just kept coming
It was like a step back in time
Then Nico got into the picture. He was pulling up a long piece of grass
Then you turn around from the ocean and this is what you see. Reality. But if you look on the top of the mountain you can see a big estate. That was once owned by Elvis Presley
Time to go and thankfully we head away from the traffic that is now backing up
We pass the Dole Pineapple Fields as we head to Wahiawa where I am going to go to the egg farm to get some eggs
We drive down the street appropriately named Palm Avenue
We pass a cherry blossom just coming into bloom
And we head down the road that leads to the egg farm
The Egg Farm
Then it’s home again, home again, jiggity jig
Had a grand day, Max was waiting at the door and Nico then went off to his other grandma’s to get the ants out of his pants. I took a long nap.

2 comments on “Just Another Day In Paradise

  1. CAGATAY says:

    thats so beautiful you. Oceans, a beautiful, beautiful trees.

    There are cherry trees.


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