On The Halloween Ghost Train Tour

It was the night before Halloween. We had made our reservations for the Railroad ghost tour on the first of October as it sells out every year.

Hawaii has a railroad. Not many people know that but it was built to haul sugar cane and sugar cane workers to and from the fields. Now you can book a ride any Sunday and toodle on out to the west side of the island and take in a spectacular view. Go to this site.  http://www.panaviz.com/scenic-oahu/hawaiian-railway-society/ Use it’s panorama view. It is a treat. You will want to get down to the Hawaiian railway society johnny on the spot.

I love ghost stories and Hawaii abounds with them. So I was so excited when we got there that night.

This was the line waiting to get on our tour. Notice, it was cold out so a lot of people had on jeans instead of shorts. 🙂

We  had arrived an hour early so that we could look around at the trains first. Not knowing what to expect as it was our first time here. It did not dawn on me what type of ride this was going to be when I saw, flocks and flocks of little kids in costumes running around.

My daughter had brought an Ipod for my grandson to listen to as we rode the train. She did not want him getting scared from the ghost stories that were going to be told about the Ewa plain as we rode along at night through the fields on the train.

This is one of the old railroad cars that probably is going to be restored.

This car needs to get moving so it won’t gather anymore dust.

As the sun disappeared  the area started to take on a mood

We were surprised at all the Halloween decorations and picture opps there were. If we had known we would have put Nico into a costume. But he was such a ham he did just fine behind these props.

We all got into the spirit as we waited for our train.

They even had food booths set up. The Hawaii Railway Society uses this night as one of their big money makers. This is how they pay  to restore the old trains. We had a hot dog as we counted down the time.

A half hour to go so we stood in line. None to soon either as we were about tenth. Before long as you can see in the first photo the line started snaking out of site.

The snack bar

At last our turn came and we got on board. I was so excited. I love to collect ghost stories and was thinking about what I was going to tell everyone at the museum when I next gave tours.

We boarded what seemed more like trams then a train

The whistle blew and of into the night we rode.

I couldn’t wait for the guy with the deep voice who in the style of “Inner Sanctum” ( http://www.radiohof.org/adventuredrama/innersanctum.html) would start telling the stories that had been passed down from cane workers to offspring to story collectors.

Then a female voice came over the intercom telling us to make sure to stay in our seats and not to get off at the other end of the track as you may be stuck out their a long time. (Yeah, right like who in their right mind would get off the train.) In her shaky, kind of old lady, sing song way she went on with the announcement and some really, really corny jokes.

I turned to my daughters friend and whispered to her, “I hope she’s not going to be the one to tell the ghost stories because her voice just ruins everything.” The friend nodded in agreement.

Then the irritating voice went on with more jokes and more jokes. The bloody hand in the closet, the wedding dress bought from the undertakers, and I don’t know what else because by that time I had totally tuned her out and was watching all the people waving from the houses as the train passed by.

It was a beautiful night, the kids were screaming as costumed goblins popped up on the sides of the train as it came to a stop and my daughter had removed the ear plugs from grandsons ears.

What the heck, it was Halloween and this train ride was for the kids and they were loving it. The woman’s irritating voice was perfect for the little ones and they all enjoyed the jokes. In the end I was happy I did it and certainly happy that my grandson went home with a smile on his face rather then terror in his eyes. I will just have to go back to collecting stories on my own. Maybe I’ll put some here. But meanwhile, here’s quite a scary picture.

Hey, didn’t I say Halloween was for kids.




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