Raising a Pit Bull Puppy

Ka Mea I Ole Ai. “The one who lives.” Out of a litter of eight our Blue Nose pit bull puppy was the only one to survive.

I call him Ka Mea  which means “The Thing.” And that is what he is turning out to be.

I got him at 5 weeks of age. Every two hours,morning, noon, and into the night with flashlight in hand, I stood pajama clad waiting.  Pee and poop. Good, back into the house and into his crate.

By the end of the week I stumbled around, sunglasses on and baseball hat on my head when ever I had to go into public. I barely had time to wash my face. I couldn’t remember if I had brushed my teeth or combed my hair.

The following week. Miracles started happening. He slept through the night. OMG I could see the sun, I could smile and the thought of getting rid of him left my mind.

I still had to take him out every two hours during the day but I could do that. Dipping into his cage and lifting his little body out and not putting my face too close to his bobbing head with teeth looking for a place to bite into, I threw my back out.

So the second week I had to lower myself on to the floor very carefully to get him out. Two visits to the chiropractor and $100.00 lighter I got no relief. My kids stepped in to help when they were not at work.

Then week three. Max my Polish Lowland Sheepdog stepped in to help. He stopped growling at Ka Mea as the puppy whirled, leaped and grabbed mouths full of fur and Max started playing with him.

That was wonderful. Ka Mea was up more and much more full of energy. So I would sit outside in the yard and read while Max and Ka Mea played. After a half hour I could put Ka Mea into his crate and he would sleep.

But as Ka Mea headed into his eighth week he also started peeing in his cage. Previously we had lined his crate with paper and a rug in the back for him to sleep on. Then he started tearing it up. Paper was all over and pee went flying.

So I started putting rugs inside. That seemed to settle him down but then he started peeing on them and his pillow and now today, we have done 2 loads of wash just for pillows and rugs and that was before 9 AM.

This morning he went out maybe 7 times from 6:30 to 8:00 AM. Peeing in his cage twice within that time. I snapped at my daughter when she came down to the kitchen at 8:30. I snapped at Max who has now taken to beating up Ka Mea. And I snapped at myself for being so egotistical to think I could raise another puppy at 65 years of age. Oh my aching back.

So now he is heading into his 9th week. He will be getting his second set of shots and it will only be one more month before he gets his last set and we can take him out to the park. That’s if i can last until then. Tips would be appreciated and I’m not talking money. If you have had experience raising a pit bull puppy especially with an older dog I would love to hear about your experiences.

They say that 65 is the new 55. But I’m here to tell you, when raising a puppy 65 is more like 75 and I’ll never do it again.


8 comments on “Raising a Pit Bull Puppy

  1. Lori Marlin says:

    Hello, I too at 52 just got my first puppy an American blue nose female. Wow they are adorable,and more family orientated then many think. As for the Bull family the Pit Is one of the only that is family then property. As some say they are bred to be mean, how ever if a dog has never seen mean then im so assuming that it would be the same as any dog, not the dogs breed. My father had pits when i was growing up. I had meatball at 21 yrs and she was raised with a pomerainen, what all of 3 pounds this dog weighed, NOT ONE time in the pits life did she act out bark at or other and actually let Cinder eat first. It’s the way you train, dont go at this with pit in mind just dog and you shall have a wonderful puppy “dog” soon. Is the many human that give this dog its bad name, is to bad some should try is a friend for life, and watch dog. When you treat a dog or single it out it will act out, and jelious is in all breeds. I will never get my point across to the world however maybe one more person will see this and learn. I know you wrote this 2 yrs ago, and how are the dogs now????? P.s. My dog ” Cassiopeia” or Cassi is the same marked as yours. Love it and beautiful dogs are the blue n red nosed. My opioin.


    • Totally agree with you Lori. Our little blue nose is so loving and he is the least aggressive of the 4 dogs we have. Our Sheep dog and boxer are always fighting and bulling. Ka Mea is not that big and is quite slim for a pit. He does not have his ears or tail clipped so he does not look so much like a pit. He does not have the jowls of a pit either. Hmmm is he a pit? But he he is gray with gray nose for sure. Thank you for your comment and for stopping by.


  2. Tammy says:

    Hi kareninhonolulu, you have a beautiful puppy! I’ve been doing a lot of read and it sounds cheezey but Cesar Millan has great things to say. I’ve assumed ownership of my sister’s pit and while he’s loveable and overall good, he assumed he was the pack leader and I’ve been working to change that and so far we’ve made some progress. I wish you luck and heres a link I hope will help. http://www.cesarsway.com/


    • Thank you Tammy. It was nice of you to leave a comment. Yes I like Cesar’s way and I’ve followed a lot of things he has said. I now need to stop him from jumping on people and getting so excited at the front door. Alas I am really slack on his training. But we all love him to death. He is so precious.


  3. CAGATAY says:

    Pit Bull is banned in Turkey.

    The dog gets so hard to foster. Very cute puppy.


    • The did try to ban the dog here in Hawaii but the law did not pass. I’ve had a pit bull before and she was a great dog. They love people but not other dogs so you have to do a lot of work to make them like being around dogs. So in that instance I have a lot of work on my hands.



      • Yes I know I have lots of work ahead of me but so far he just adores anyone who walks in this house or up the street. We keep taking him out to meet strangers and he loves it. This is one thing we will always have to do. She has met the dog next door and then of course Max. Max plays nicely for about 5 minutes then he’s had enough. This will have to be a work in progress and I will have to get him into classes for sure. Nice hearing from you Seinna.


  4. Sienna says:

    You’ve got to get him into training as soon as possible. They are bred to kill. Yes, there are well-behaved and nice pit bulls in the world, but you have to be in charge. Too many pit bulls have to be put down AFTER they have killed another pet.


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